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Companions dont get up after being knocked down in fight



So basically i first thought this was a feature since i enterd endgame or something. But ever since i enterd Huango after the battle against the fleets.(this was where i first noticed it) When i exit combat people who got knocked down dont get up. no matter what i do. i can cast aoe spells like meteor shower on them and they dont take damage. i can rest and they loose the injury which they got from the knockdown. HEck they even talk in cut scenes. They just lay on the ground i can enter their inventory switch items but i can not leave the area in which im currently in. i have tried reinstalling the game. Doesnt make a difference. Since i have alot of game progerssion after this bug first occured would be nice if i dont have to loose it all. I will add a screen shot and 2 savestates bevore and after battle. i cant add those tho since the files are to big to upload

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