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Aloth, Defiance Bay Catacomb, wrong memory



In PoE1 I left everyone alive in the Temple of Woedica under Defiance Bay.
According to Aloth in PoE2, it was a bloodbath. 
Proof the people in the catacombs are not dead: 


The conversation happens when you stumble upon a ship near Ori o Koiki: 


Aloth- "At least we know where to look next"
Aloth-[PoE1] "Though if this becomes anything like our encounter in the  Defiance Bay catacombs...
"Well, I hope we get our answers before the bloodbath." He looks at you and smiles wryly.


Attached in the zip file:
- PoE1 autosave by woedica's temple
- PoE1 gamecompleted savegame 
- Deadfire savegame before the conversation with Aloth. 

I've come to burn your kingdom down

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