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Post-Hasango issues (PoE1 talents and From the Wreckage)



I completed Hasango, and Eothas said he'd give me a piece of what I was back, but I didn't get any of the talents from PoE1 back. Additionally, when I went to the Palace to talk to the queen, she wasn't there. I went to talk to the the Rautaian (General Secretary or something), but the Queen isn't present. I tried waiting (different times of day) but that didn't help.


I changed the version from beta to stable, verified the game data and then tried again. Same result.


edit: The official Wiki shows her on her throne, however from the dialog (now that I've found her) it is clear that this is incorrect. She is on the roof and explicitly says she had been hoping to speak with the PC aware from her court.


Still would like those talents.

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