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disappointed with devil of caroc

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I like companion interjections in main quests and side quests, and the original companions are quite good in this. I brought zahua and devil of caroc for my second playthrough, and I almost complete all quests in act 2 now...


Zahua speaks sometime, not as frequently as the original companion, but Still acceptable for me.


But for devil of caroc... `I really like her setting and personality, but she only speak twice in all quests of act 2...I found this hardly acceptable for a "companion"..she is like sidekick in poe2 outside of white march...


I'm not sure whether she will say anything else in act 3 and 4 quests.. should I just use her for white march only? How about maneha? Does she speak more than devil of caroc in original quests? Comparable to zahua?

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The way I did it in my playthrough was that I just used those characters in the White March to complete their respective quests and stuck with the base game companions for the rest of the game. I think that the White Marsh companions have most of their quality dialogues in the expansion and not much to deliver on the main story. DoC is extremely valuable for the final White Marsh mission against the Eyeless though.

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Some companions they are not always going to interject into certain conversations. In this case of dlc character, obsidian did make an effort for the dlc companions to give their two cent during scripted interactions. My advice, is try to diversify you party with each play-through. If you don't like the feel of a certain companion or feel it just doesn't fit your party makeup then hold off on using that companion.

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This is my second playthrough, so there are 6 companions only that I never use them before. So if I do not want to use Devil of Caroc, the remaining choice for me is Maneha. Just want to know whether she will interject as much as Zahua or as quiet as Devil of Caroc.


I also don't know whether Devil of Caroc will have more comments in Act 3 and 4 compared to Act 2. If yes perhaps I will still bring her along.

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