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[1.1 patch] Bugged fights when started from Stealth



Issue description: When starting some fights from stealth where not all enemies are active from start the "inactive" ones bug out and are un-targetable by the party. My party does not react to them being there, even though they keep on killing you, and the only way to fight them is with AOE-abilities that doesn't require a target.


I have encountered this issue a few times now, but nowhere as obvious as in the Poko Kohara ruins.

So far I've only seen this happen when enemies needs to "activate" in order to join the fight, such as skeletons crawling out of the ground or "waking up" from being statues. In this case, the Adra Animats waking up from their sleep.

I could repeat this several times in the room with the two Engwithan Saints that has a bunch of Animats that activates and joins the fray.


If you enter the room fully visible it activates the way it should and all mobs are targetable.



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I do have a save right outside the Engwithan Saints room as I reloaded several times as the bug happened to some extent every time I entered the room while stealthed. Only way to not bug the room was to enter it outside of stealth. 


I can upload it when I'm at home. 

Was there a quick path to the save game folder? I haven't really searched for it yet.

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