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Starting Aloth's Painted Masks Quest

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 Now, I know you're supposed to find a deserted ship up in the Rikuhu's Maw area, but I have no idea where it is. I scanned all over there, and I even looked it up in a YouTube video. My question is, why isn't popping up for me? Do I need to advance the main plot more? I still need to sail to Hasongo, but I've done everything after the Crookspur.

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The encounter will automatically trigger as soon as your ship gets close enough to the island (oki o koki or whatever it’s called)

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I found the ship north of Ori o Koki island.

I did Hasongo before that and at one point had a conversation with Aloth where he told me about Leaden Key activities in the region. I think it triggers after Hasongo, or something.

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