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BUG "The Coming Storm"



Hello everyone,


I am suffering deeply because my game is eternally stuck, because of "The Coming Storm" quest. Long story short, i've sided wtih the Principi first and sided with them, so i've thought the problem was their quest line (Principi Faction) but now, i am not so sure, because recently, i've finished Huana quest line too and sided with them. Guess what, nothing changed. My quest line jumped "The City Lost to Time" right away. Somehow my game skips "The Coming Storm". For some reason, i can't get this quest and as a result i can't enter Ukaizo, yes i can sail there but can't click. I do not know is there a possible way of fixing this. I don't know if i'm doing some stupid mistake or is this a grave bug. If anyone else suffering from this issue, please share your thoughts and experience. It would greatly soothe my pain :)

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Hello rodyan,


Would you be able to send me a savegame with the issue you are seeing? I can look into the quest progression blocker for you in this way and see if it is something we can resolve with your save for you, or at the very least get this bugged for a future patch fix.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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Yeah so, after the release of their new patch, the issue is keep being the issue. It is not fixed. I finished both Huana, and Principi quest lines and my game keeps jumping to "The City Lost to Time" quest, instead of "The Coming Storm". That means the game is broken. Dead end bug. If you are not getting "The Coming Storm" that means you can't enter Ukaizo. That means this game does not deserve your money. End of story. They say they are on the issue. When? It's been two months, when they will release a patch or hotfix? When?

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