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1.1 Vela Bug



My PoE 1 gamestate I sacrificed Vela during the Sacrificial Bloodlines quest. However when i import that gamestate to use in PoE 2, Vela is alive in Vilario's Rest. This was not an issue with the game on release, however every patch after continued to have her appear 

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I have the same problem. Just picked up Deadfire today and imported an endgame save from last night where I sacrificed the baby. Imported into Deadfire, I get to the beach, and Vela is hanging out with the priest, talking about booze.


So, I went back to PoE, confirmed in the journal that I sacrificed her, and then beat Thaos again. This generated a fresh endgame file, which is just imported. Same result.


I have the GOG version of both games, all the expansions for the first, got the Obsidian Edition for Deadfire

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