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1 Liberator (Anamist Druid/Bleak Walker Pali) Take Fire and Corrosive spells, Max Alchemy (for now) as it boosts a few of these spells. Very flexible in build but some nice synergy with fire and corrosion spells and FoD. Personally id go 2hand specialize and pick whispers of .... and Frostseeker. Occasionally debuffing and corroding with druid spells.  (I will check and see if WotEP's aoe cone makes both Taste of the hunt and FoD aoe).


2 Gemoancer Ranger (ghost heart)/Wizard (no sub) as a mobile (haste spells, evasive power, translocate spell, bounding boots) nuker who can also drop enemies buffs and interrupt casters(tranq shot or whatever its called) from a far. Pick a 12m ranged weapon, mostly self buffs from wizzie for good defense.Again lots of details to hash out but could be really fun, dont take a lot of nukes, just enough for when your bow is resisted, probably missles spells. Lots of buffs that instacast (gosh i hate these 3+ sec casts). Lots to hash out but with ghost pet id probably only take takedown combo for some funny assassinating. 

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