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Random crashes throughout Port Maje



Hey everyone,


I've gotten started on PoE II yesterday and while yesterday it ran completely smooth with no crashes whatsoever, today the game started acting up and crashes repeatedly at random points. So far I've had 7 crashes, most of them around the Xoti recruitment event but also when talking to the governor or plundering crates around the harbor. There is no connecting action (that I can see) between the crashes.


I've attached the most recent crash files, a save file aswell as the dxdiag file with my system specs.


Thanks in advance to anyone trying their luck to help me! :)


Crash report files.zip

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Update: as of today, the game has restabilized itself (due to the new patch maybe?).

Anyway, I'll keep an eye open whether the issue reappears.



But thanks for taking notice anyway and I hope that the report files help your devs in finding the issue. :)

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