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[1.1beta] Ghost Hearth when summoned has the A.I. turned off allllllllllll theeee time.



Bug: When summoned, the ghost pet has his A.I. set to disabled all the time.

Class: Ranger(Ghost Heart) and Wildrhymer. I tested just these 2.


Rant: When i summon my ghost bear, his A.I. settings is always set to disabled. Everytime i summon, i need to micromanage him, 3 clicks to make him aware, usually resulting in 3 to 4 seconds scrapped off his duration (mostly because i have veeeeeeeery slow reaction time, snail like reflexes).

This behavior kinda makes Ghost Heart multiclass ranger a chore to play and i think its a bug. Please tell me its a bug and not a feature.


Thanks in advance,

Snail man.

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