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game chugs and freezes on mac which played 1st one perfectly


i’m really frustrated that whatever superfluous graphical bells and whistles obsidian added to deadfire makes the game basically unplayable on my 2013 iMac. supposedly the system requirements are the same, but yet whatever nonsense they’ve added, the game doesn’t run. nobody needed any graphical upgrade over the first game. nobody needed all the 3d elements onscreen. nobody needed everything to move and sway and have shadows. i’ve turned off every option, lowered resolution as low as i could before the text got blurry, all to no effect.


with deadfire they’ve effectively cut off people whose computers were strong enough to play the games this series is based on. very disappointing to realize i’ll never be able to play a current or obsidian game until they come to consoles ever again.


i’m sad.

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