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Alchemy skill affects power levels of poison spells



I noticed that my Watcher's Noxious Burst and Malignant Cloud spells do significantly more damage than when Aloth casts them, and my Watcher has high alchemy, so I figured that must be the cause.

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Yes.  Power Level scales 1:1 with alchemy for "poison" spells.  Noxious Burst and Malignant Cloud are both poisonous (and the only wizard spells with poison).  So if you have 20 alchemy, those spells will have an extra 20 Power Levels which would significantly increase their damage output.  I am not sure if this was changed in the 1.1 patch Beta or not, but that is how it works currently.  I have not heard if this is intended or not, but my guess is that it was meant to increase poisonous traps or something, not spells, and is a bug.


Druid also has about 3 poison spells, by the way, but they don't specifically have the poison keyword.  However, the tooltip will say that they are countered with antidote which is one way to tell (or you can read the power description which implies poison).

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