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Rescuing Rekke on a Solo playthrough

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I'm not doing a Solo run quite yet (want to see what's going on with Magran's Fires, among other things), but last night I rescued Rekke on my latest playthrough and something stuck me.


There is currently no way to save him without him becoming a member of your party.  Near as I can tell, at any rate.


Sure, you can chose the [Cruel] option and "leave him to his fate" when you first find him.  But, well, unless I'm playing a sociopath on my playthrough, I really can't justify NOT saving him. Not to mention classes that are penalized for having points in Cruel.


And, sure again, I could just "ignore" that piece of flotsam on a Solo playthrough and never have to make the decision.  But that annoys slightly if only for metagaming reasons.


So what I am wondering is if there would be any support in the community to asking Obsidian for another choice when it comes to Rekke.  Namely, having an option to "drop him off at Nekatka" or some other port.  He'd have a rough go of it, but at least he'd be alive.  And since he apparently picks up language fairly quickly, it's not THAT terrible of a situation for him.


I figure having an option to have him as member of the crew instead would be far too complicated from a technical standpoint, though from a RP standpoint, it's probably the ideal situation.


So what do folks think? Should Solo players just have to ignore that piece of flotsam, or should they have the option to save him without him becoming a member of the party? 

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