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minor issues




scripted encounter on the black isles (period should be removed)

... cerulean skin, and one of the svannah folk., who levels a large crossbow ...


[0% issue] The Eye of Wael (item)

Illusive Spell: 0% change to cast ...

    There was another item.  I think in the magic shop in periki's overlook that had 0% stuff


[typo] The Circle scripted encounter: (s/b and others, plaural)

... others shrug, and other still lean back in their chairs ...


[missing word] dialog with Kae Polzech

... a woman of early middle years dressed [in] fine - if dirty - armor adorned ...


[missing word],[typo] magnifying glass click in dunnage

If the labels on the bottles are to [be] believed, these conco[c]tions cure everything...


[missing word],[typo] dialog at an altar

Its significant heft and fine steel head suggest the hammer might have on[c]e been a quality weapon of war, but it has surely [seen] better days.


I have a Superb Crossbow that is titled Exceptional Crossbow


5/29 - Sam Reigel started saying things like "attacking effort 3" before Scanlon's quotes.  He's the only Critical Role voice I have at the moment.


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