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Granted "Final Maneuver" and "Honor among Thieves" quests after allying with Huana



I allied with the Huana and completed "Taking out the Traders", however on leaving Neketaka, I eventually received events / letters from RDC and Principi for the above 2 quests.


Considering I allied and received the achievement for Huana in this game already, I don't think this was supposed to happen?


I can complete Honor among Thieves and the follow up "A Dance with Death" just fine interestingly enough. If I complete the Principi quests, it will auto-fail the RDC quest.


However, trying to complete "The Final Maneuver" (before completing the Principi quest) results in everyone in the Brass Citadel district to be hostile on entry due to the guards triggering to say "Vengeance for the powder house" as if they knew I blew it up, despite denying it successfully during the Huana quest line.


Save from before completing A Dance with Death and before starting The Final Maneuver attached.



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