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Stealth after hit bug in 1.02




I was sure this has already been reported, but couldn't find a thread using search so here goes. This one requires relatively nimble fingers but it's fairly easy to do consistently. As long as you kill your target with one hit, you can go to Stealth Mode before combat begins, resetting visibility and allowing to kill enemies without them having a chance to fight back. You can even kill whole groups of enemies using this method.


Since video is probably the best way to demonstrate this particular bug, here goes:



Steps to Reproduce the Issue

Load a save from here.

Hit enemy with Flames of Devotion to oneshot them.

Immediately after the hit connects, manually pause the game (cannot be done using autopause features) before the combat starts and reapply Stealth (or just apply stealth without pause, I find pausing better as it allows to set the next action easier but it's not necessary for the bug to occur).

You'll be in Stealth Mode again, ready to strike the next opponent.

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