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[Cosmetic] Sailor descriptions don't match pictures



The race on many sailors don't match the portraits; see the attached screenshot.



How can anyone in their right mind try to ship a multimillion dollar product without making absolutely sure that they don't upset all their players with a degree in Medieval English Linguistics?

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I also have the same problem.


I play Russian version, so I took screenshots and translated races stated for the sailors.


post-198004-0-60346000-1527505641_thumb.jpg post-198004-0-34591300-1527505642_thumb.jpg


Later I started game in English and saw that it displays races correctly, but after switching back to Russian races stayed in English


post-198004-0-47375200-1527505643_thumb.jpg post-198004-0-99150700-1527505644_thumb.jpg


Turned out, it didn't cure the mix up. In different port it showed wrong races written in English in Russian version.


Image that didn't fit in attachments


I believe, this started after the patch.

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