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[Bug] Abilities missing from the action bar





It seems that my inquisitor has lost a 4th level cipher ability called Silent Scream from the action bar (rendering it unusable) but it's still listed on the character sheet. Any way to fix this manually or am I just missing something obvious here? I have absolutely no idea how or when this has happened. I remember using Silent Scream in fight when I played yesterday and noticed that it's missing just now. It's also missing in all my older saves where it should be available. I have not used the (broken) respec functionality. The only mods/edits/commands I have used are as follows:


-Achievement enabler mod for Beraths Blessings

-Fixed missing Blade of Endless Paths parts bug (due to broken history editor) using a console command (cheat) to add the parts to my stash

-Fixed broken family feud quest (forced heist after peaceful resolution) by making very minor edits to "03_cv_atello.conversationbundle" and "03_cv_martino.conversationbundle"


To Obsidian I would like to say that there definitely is a great crpg here somewhere, but it's buried under hilarious amount of systems bugs, messed up flags and broken quests/triggers.

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