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terrible overall performance



Im gonna keep it short.

Deadfire performance is really, really bad.
On 1060,i7,16gb ram it runs on my pc between 30-45 fps in most locations and about 60-70 on a few rare occasions.
Game also sometimes freeze for 1s when summoning.
Its definetly not hardware problem because deadfire use at best 50% of my gpu and cpu (checked it).
FPS stays the same on both high and low presets,no matter resolution.
And i even reinstalled windows to double-check.
Many random people complain about fps, even those with 1080 gtx, just look at reddit and steam forums.
Not to mention numerous topics about performance before game launch.

Also game still suffers from memory leak, even after patch.

Will it be adressed on next patch or AT ALL? 
You guys at obsidian are comepletly quiet about it.

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Greetings AsAsGas,


And thank you for taking the time to post this issue :) my apology for any inconvenience regarding the drop in FPS and stuttering. On the flip-side I do believe another community member has provided us with a work around:




Should you have any additional questions or concerns let us know!



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