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Looking for Help With a Crusader (Bleak Walker/Devoted) Build for PotD

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Hey guys;


So I'm currently brainstorming a Bleak Walker/Fighter (Maybe Devoted if I could ever decide between swords and sabres). I want this to be for PotD and I want to use companions, and I also don't want to min-max (Just because I don't want a character that's a Resolve-less coward because that doesn't really make sense for a Paladin that focuses on intimidation and fear tactics). The build I have right now, not counting bonuses from my background like Gift of the Machine or Effigy's Resentment (Which will give me about +15% buff duration and +1 Con - sorry Zahua) looks like this. 



Deadfire Archipelago - Mercenary

Active Skills - Athletics/Alchemy

Passive Skills - Insight/Streetwise or Intimidate




20 Might (8 points + 1 Human racial bonus +1 Gift of the Machine)

13 Constitution (3 points)

10 Dexterity (+1 point from Deadfire Background)

16 Perception (6 points) 

10 Intellect

10 Resolve (+1 Human racial bonus)


Might would then, assuming Gift of the Machine works, go up to 20, while Constitution would go up to 14 from sacrificing Zahua and then another 5% from Gift of the Machine (So, effectively, 15 - but since Con isn't checked in dialogue seemingly at all that probably wouldn't matter). I've also considered bumping Intellect slightly to better synergize with the bonus to saccing Zahua (It's going to be the only gamey decision I make, but I can honestly justify it by virtue of him serving no functional purpose to my Watcher). The Intellect build looks something like this...


20 Might 

10 Con

10 Dex

16 Perception

13 Intellect

10 Resolve


The only issue here is that this doesn't give me nearly enough Intellect to pass most of the checks in the game, but it DOES give me an effective 16 points in Intellect in regards to buff duration. 


I've also considered playing around with putting those stray three points into Dexterity, or even Resolve. 




What do you think of the build in its purest concept (High Might/Perception, 1 point each shaved off of Resolve and Dexterity for 3 extra points to play around with) and where should I put those extra points for best results? 


Would it be worth it to take a few points off of Might so that I could have higher Dexterity/Constitution/Intellect? People seem to universally keep Resolve pretty low, the only reason I'm not dropping it to 3 is because I don't like the idea of my character being THAT deficient in a particular stat. 


Is it worth pumping Resolve or are all of the dialogue checks that would have required it in the first game instead covered by the 'talky' passive skills? 


Because of the Fighter's access to Recovery reduction skills, is Dexterity really that necessary for 'em? 


Is the Devil of Caroc's Breastplate so necessary that it's worth making a completely illogical decision in order to get it, or can I safely let the poor woman have her revenge and get something else? 

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So, I rethought the build a little bit and considered dropping Might down a tad. Here's what it looks like now. 


16 Might (4 + 2 - Human Racial/Gift of the Machine)

11 Con (+1 from sacrificing Zahua)

11 Dex

17 Perception (7)

14 Intellect (4)

11 Resolve


Dropping those points in Might gives me a little bit more to play with (And plus, gear that boosts Might seems to be easy enough to come by). That is, assuming that the Gift of the Machine bonus works as it should. Though if I'm guaranteed the bonuses from Effigy's Resentment, I could drop Con, Dex, and Resolve down to 9 and then put those points back into Might. That'd bring it up to 19. So it'd be... 


19 Might 

10 Con

10 Dex

17 Perception

14 Intellect

10 Resolve


Intellect is mostly there for the sake of Disciplined Barrage duration and Zealous Aura/Charge/Mob Stance AoE. 

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