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Bug - Old Temple of Ondra



I tried to enter the Old Temple of Ondra in the Old City, but realized I only had one of the required items (the Coronet of Depths). I hadn't gotten the Coronet of Waves yet, and had not started the quest. I went to talk to Dereo and started the quest, and then took the dialogue option that was something like, "Oh, you mean this Coronet and the Temple of Ondra it opened?" which completed the quest. I also chose a dialogue option about someone's guards attacking me, even though I wasn't sure that had ever happened (it hadn't). I could still not enter the temple, as I was not in possession of the Coronet of Waves. I did some Googling and went to Serpent's Overlook to [whoever]'s house and bribed him to get the Coronet of Waves. 


I was excited that maybe now I would be able to enter the temple, however, now whenever I tried to load into the area that the Old Temple of Ondra is in, my game crashes and says it exited the game to "prevent corruption" :(


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Greetings MetalMusicMan,


My apology for any inconvenience this issue has caused you. Please, would it be possible for you to provide us with your savegame file and your outpul logs so that we can investigate this issue further?




Unfortunately, I am a dumb and I did not do a normal save during this issue, only a quick save. However, I have a normal save from just before I ran into it (on 5/24/2018). I hope that helps, sorry for not doing a normal save and being a dumb.




Also, I went back into the area again without changing anything a day or two later and the area loaded without the error. Maybe a patch fixed it? Not sure. 

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