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Buggy arquebus and some misc issues in Oathbinders Sanctum

Guest Jamila


Guest Jamila

In search for a missing person, I entered Oathbinder's Sanctum and found an arquebus on corpse by ooze pool.  When equipped, this arquebus gives small debuf icon next to character portait, which none of my other arquebuses does, but not the -5 accuracy penalty. Compare:






If game is saved/reloaded with this arquebus equipped, debuff next to portrait sticks even after arquebus is unequipped. Obviously it is cursed.



Then I was ambushed by some aggresive slime and noticed two things:

1) Ishiza was flanked by slimes. Flanking is defined by state of being engaged from opposite sides, but as a bird, Ishiza has engagement immunity and therefore should be immune to flanking as well. Granted, combat took place in the pool, i.e. slog zone, which may have played a role, but then again, Ishiza is immune to slog zones as well. On top of that, slimes, as ranged monsters, did not appear to be able to engage anything at all.




Speaking of flanking, in the same dungeon, Eder was flanked by bugs (I am not sure if these were able to engage) and remained so after combat ended. I had to reload earlier save.


2) Slimes had intellect and resolve affliction immunities and indeed were unaffected by Tenuous Grasp. On the other hand, could be debuffed by Psychovampiric Shield which is non-affliction flat out decreasing resolve. I presume Miasma would work too. That is intended behaviour?

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