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[1.02] hotkeying abilities allows you to retain them after respec/upgrades



Example 1: have crippling strike. Assign it to a hotkey. Upgrade to debilitating strike. The hotkey is still for crippling strike, even though it is no longer in the character's HUD. You can still use it, though.


Example 2: have athletics trained up, so you have second wind. Assign it to a hotkey. Respec and don't train up athletics. You still have a hotkeyed second wind, which you can actually use to heal a tiny amount of health.


Here's a dropbox link containing a save game and a output_log for example 2: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w8jqdsw5flgdg1a/AAA604qFbJVH86GbfxCiCs1fa?dl=0 (look at Aloth, he still has a usable second wind even though I removed his athletics ability from a respec)

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