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Loot on Shipwreck location yields nothing


Sometimes loot you find in Shipwrecks don't yield what they say they do.


  • Wrapped up Poko Kohara and saw a Shipwreck off the coast. I went to it and got a few items, including a cannon
  • There was just the top line of the description, though, missing the "has been added to your stash" (or similar wording) and missing the clickable link to the found item
  • I checked the ship (H) before and after, and I had 2 Iron Thunderer cannons both before and after (no others), so I can't have gotten a new one
  • Tried to reload to see if it would reproduce, since I quicksaved just prior (I quicksave ALL.THE.TIME.EH!), but these things are very random. However, after a few tries a similar situation repeated, though this time with what was called an "adventurer supplies". No idea what that is. But I couldn't see anything new in the inventory of either my packs or the ship, so I reckon nothing 'popped up'.
  • It was the same here, as you can see from the screenshot. The first line is present, but not the second with the clickable link

Download the savegame and try, and quickload until this happens for you.

Savegame (expires in 7 days): https://we.tl/Z1WcJid2pZ





Btw, in one of the reloads I got both lines when finding a cannon, which was an Iron Thunderer, so apparently it does work - some of the time.

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