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Ship repaired at port without repair supplies


I'm guessing this isn't intended? Had been through some tough combat so the ship was a bit dinged up, both sails and hull. It was slowly getting repaired while I was exploring a new island location on the crit path, but we ran out of repair supplies before it could be fully repaired.


After completing the area, we jumped in the ship and sailed back towards Neketaka. Somebody tried to engage us, but thankfully we had more speed so got away. Back in Neketaka the hull and injured crew member got auto-fixed, and we lost what would normally be the appropriate amount of repair supplies and healing equipment. Except we actually didn't have any repair supplies left, so the hull really shouldn't have been fully restored.


Unfortunately yet another screenshot got buggered* with the top missing, where the repair supplies is listed. But I've attached a savegame as well, which was taken just before going to port. It reproduces on my end.




*I'm getting really fed up of this, but I don't think it's a game issue as it has happened with other games too, including the first Pillars.



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