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Velvet Glove, Brass Fist quest issues

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Doing the quest "Velvet Glove, Brass Fist", where you have to get the gloves from Bertenno. Following a conversation options where his debtors show up and insisting on fighting (and killing) them results in a conversation with Bertenno where he doesn't recognize anything has happened. You can even follow the same conversation path up to a point where his debtors should show up again (and the conversation ends) but they won't show up (presumably because they're dead). Quest doesn't seem to be completable this way.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Load the save from here: https://www.dropbox....).savegame?dl=0

Talk to Bertenno.

Follow this conversation with Bertenno: 1-1-1

Hamuto shows up, follow this conversation with him: 1-5-5-5-2

Kill Hamuto and his goons.

Talk To Bertenno.

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This happened to me and two of the enemy soldiers didn't join the battle and just stayed there standing. I had to pickpocket the gloves from Bertenno. He ran away and after quite some time I noticed that the quest is not closed.



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And thank you for taking the time and notifying us of this :) we'll add this to our data-base for our development team to investigate further.





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happened to me too today can we send you logs or something?

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