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Scavenging RPG: Shout out to Tim Cain

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The game i am talking about is Arcanum of Steamworks and Magic Obscura.  The game is littered with random **** everywhere even in random encounters you could find parts for salves.  I liked how it was all split into different categories and even separated the recipes you can learn through leveling and ones you find exploring too so i didnt have to go through one big list or search for it(can be annoying if you dont know what you are searching for).  I also liked how your companions can learn normal leveling recipes but i didnt like the fact that they cant learn the high level recipes.  To this day I havent found an RPG similar to it and am desperately craving for another game like it.


Now the awkward bit.  Are you ever going to make a game with this system again?  I do know that many Obsidian games have the whole random things all over the place, but much of it is not actually useful at the time of finding the items and also you cannot make use of them in the future, making them "vendor trash".  So it would be interesting to see a similar system appear 20 years after the inception of it.


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