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[Bug][Spoiler alert] Can't reach last island


Hello there i think i have a bug to submit,


With a lot of spoil (you have been warned :D )

So my character decided to support Rautai against the queen just before reaching UKAIZO.
so here how goes the timeline :

* Get to the palace and kill the queen (straight from first floor to the roof)


*then go to the ground level and kill the prince (weird thing is that the RAUTAI boss and Valla boss are still there)


*Go back to RAUTAI boss and get the submarine[


*Trying to manage the submarine and it says that i have to be in nekatara shipyard  (Well i'm already there :D)


*Succeed to overpass it


*undock from nekatara and go straight to UKAIZO without the "known location board"


*i can't click on any ukaizo anchor (is there any for you guys ?)


*I use the "known location board" and it show the ukaizo map but i can't click on any location in it


*I try to go back to NEKATARA and get attack, i decide to board the other ship, no combat is launched from the submarine, the attacker ship disappear from the map



So perhaps, i triggered a script bug because i killed the prince and the queen ? Or the submarine has somes known issues like that ?


Or may'be i did miss to trigger something


*I tried to re-load my game before getting

the submarine

, but it doesn't change anything

*May be it's a bug that come along with the new patch ? My last save was made before 05/17/2018 patch

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I am getting this bug too


I got it siding with the pirates, so I went back to an earlier save and sided with the Empire, same result, no anchor for the island, and if I use the known locations to reach the island  I can not click on any location within the local map. 

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I have found out how to fix this now. you have to make a last visit to the palace in Serpent's Hill.

Didn't work for me unfortunately,



I tried to take a old save way before meeting eothas on the volcano island, and doing everything once again but it bugged again.


I guess my save is corrupt, or there is something that don't trigger in the script


have to start a game again T_T

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