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Giant Cave Worm bug *spoiler*

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In Temple of Ondra in Old City Ruins under Nekataka. If you play solo and you engage in combat with this boss, sometimes he instantly uses his swallow ability but animation doesn't go off and you're perma locked in some weird knockdown status where you stood but your char model is gone.


Another issue is that they need to make doors close behind you once you engage this boss because as it is you can just throw spells from outside of his range (he doesn't move) and once you run out of spells you can just run back to ruins, wait for combat to drop and you can run back to the boss with your spells refilled but his hp regen is too slow so he's never fully healed. In my solo wizard at level 10 on potd my full spells + 2 summons took him to nearly dead and after doing what I just described and coming back he was at badly damaged, 1 spell took him to nearly dead again. 


I know you're not supposed to cheese in that way but its different if you have to use some certain abilities to drop combat etc, then it would fall into clever use of game mechanics and different if the boss is immobile and you can just run off and come back 10 seconds later.

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Another issue isn't just with spells, its primarily with creature attack ranges and it's static nature.


Because the Giant Cave Worm is static, you can do the following with just about any character so you can bare minimum view of the creature and then (if you have the spares) use enough Arquebus to shoot it unhindered.

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