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Found 4 results

  1. In last times our forum has been flooded by "Russians". They all have common features - they works from newly created accounts, they all pretend be a Russians, but spread anti-Russian propaganda, they work in packs ( and help each other - they outnumbered opponents in discussions and dominate on forum by this), they avoid discussions with real Russians and just ignore them, etc etc. Diagnosis is unpromising. The Obsidian forum become a target for propagandists attack by some group of paid trolls (looks like work of Ukrainian cyberhundred, but they can be easily be members of any other similar pro-Western group). http://cyberhundred.com/ Best solution is ban of all such users and constant censorship of newly added accounts, but Obsidian moderators looks a too unexperienced (too idealistic) for proper response to such attacks. This forum is doomed, we can be flooded by sh**-treads very soon. P.S I feel some sort of pride from this though - my innocent games (for fun) on this forum cause so strong response from System.
  2. I mean, I understand how propaganda works and all, but with so much historical data coming out of the woodwork, why is this still taught in schools? Let alone a national holiday? http://theoatmeal.com/comics/columbus_day http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/five-scary-christopher-columbus-quotes-that-let-you-celebrate-the-holiday-the-right-way/ It just boggles my mind, is all.
  3. Previous threads: first, second Quick summary of the topic, for those of you who unfamiliar with it to get you started: Why is Ukraine in turmoil? Ukraine economy: How bad is the mess and can it be fixed? Why Crimea is so dangerous? How the crisis unfolded - timeline summary. Ukraine: UN condemns Crimea vote Analysis: Could Russia absorb eastern Ukraine? A nice summary of issues from US presepective on Russian rhetoric pre invasion: (covers a lot of issues discussed in thread #1 ) UK government's response to points made by President Putin in his address to the Russian Parliament on 17 March: (covers alot of issues in thread #2) Map of the area and list of previous conflict in the region involving Russian help:
  4. The other thread was closed, so I figured, what better excuse to bring it back than some juicy propaganda and conspiracy theories? Estonian foreign minister and EU foreign affairs rep Catherine Ashton discuss the possibility that Kiev snipers were provocateurs Oh, wait. The call has been confirmed as genuine and it ties back to something one of our members (clearly a FSB stooge like myself) posted in the other thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65164-ukraine-burns/?p=1425350
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