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Found 1 result

  1. I'm about 40 minutes into a very leisurely paced run through the beta. Amuaua (or however you spell that) monk, good times. It will interest you to know that I've run into bugs. Here are a few of them: - At present, the fight at the Dyrford bridge between the party and the hooded dudes + their pet boars (shouldn't there be just one?) is an utter debacle, which I'm sure is some confluence of niggling combat bugs and unfamiliarity with the game systems, but more than that it looks like the combination of occlusion in the grassy area (?) and the color of the grass blending with the color of player indicators makes it very hard to track the whos and whats and whys of combat. The high resolution just makes things difficult to see. Beautiful, but incomprehensible. The indicators need to be good and thick and unmistakable when combat is happening. - It appears that priest spells that are described as only affecting enemies are affecting my party as well. - The priest spell "Despondent Blows" is ostensibly usable outside of combat but when activated, the spell won't cast and the targeting reticule apparently persists until the game is reloaded. No other mouse-dependent functions work while the reticule is up, though you can still switch characters with the hotkeys (note that the reticule persists when changing characters). - This has probably already been reported, but there is a problem with characters who get knocked out in combat being unresponsive after recovery. I played through the bridge fight three times - the first time I had cast a vampiric-type AoE spell in combat and had snagged one of my party members in the blast. After combat that character was locked in an unbreakable hit reaction loop at 0 stamina (while the rest of the party recharged in moments). Second time, two party members were knocked out but didn't get up once the enemies had been killed. Third time, a CNPC was knocked out, got back up after the fight, but couldn't be controlled. I reloaded from this point and was able to resume control of him. - Zoom bug: I've only encountered this at the starting area, near where the fight takes place (SEE ATTACHMENTS). Using zoom features in any other area, indoor and outdoor, seems to yield no problems, but it doesn't work here - instead of zooming, it seems like one or two layers of the visuals are affected. While the size of objects and characters on the screen stays the same, fog of war radius constricts with "zoom out", and it appears it messes with water effects as well, creating an empty "ghost" of the waterwheel animation (see image #2). - Beyond that, "The Dyrwood pt. 1" contains a brief shift from past tense to present tense that doesn't make a lot of sense (ex. "he did" vs. "he does"). It shifts back to past tense by the end of the text. I'm out of upload space on this post so I'm writing another one real quick.
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