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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! So looks like PoE role-system will have something like D&D feats or SPECIAL perks to customize your character. Let’s speculate what these feats could be! In general I would like to see the feats that will allow to customize the same class few different ways: General (no class restrictions): - Survivability: More armor, hit points, saving throws, regeneration possibly. - Offensive: Better to hit and damage. - More to be done. Fighters: - Sword & board style: Generic balanced fighter. Some blocking\deflection improvements, some one-handed damage and to hit. - Two-handed way: Two-handed weapons damage improvements, some aoe damage around the target, damage and to hit bonuses, some special attacks like disarm and knockdown. - One-handed without a shield or heavy armor: Master-duelist style combat, impressive special attacks that weaken the target, improved mobility over the battlefield, dodge. Made his deflection somehow depends on its to hit. - Dual weapons: Not sure it will be in the game, but I would like to see it. - Ranged: Way of the sniper. Bows, crossbows, firearms. - Vanguard\Tank\Bodyguard: Pure defense specialist - taunts, shield and heavy armor oriented feats. Currently this is what PoE fighter is (but I have seen no taunts). Barbarians: - Berserker way: Barbarians who heavily depends on frenzy and mastered it to be a powerful and fearsome weapon. - Tribal defender way: A barbarian’s way of tanking. There are no shields, deflection and canny tricks like regular fighters do, there is rather a damage soaking due to huge hit points buffer and natural toughness. Big and ugly hulk that could completely ignore some arrows stick up his shoulder and will only notice this fact if somebody else will tell him. - More ways to be done. Druids: - Wild Shape fighter: Wild shape improvements - different bonuses while shaped, new more powerful shapes that aren't available to other druids. This way you can make your druid a capable frontline fighter, a tank and even a hunter-killer. - Offensive Spellcasting: Improvements to druid’s offensive spellcasting. A way to make an offensive spelcaster. - Defensive Spellcasting: Defensive\Buffing\Healing spells improvements. The support way. - More ways to be done. Here are few feat ideas to start with: General: Weapon Finesse Effect: When wielding light weapons (short swords, daggers, etc...) character could use its dexterity score (if it's higher than its strength) to determine to hit bonus. Requirements: Dexterity score of X or higher. Note: I don't know if strength will give any to hit bonuses in PoE, but usually it does in other games. If this is not the case for PoE - just forget this idea. Druid: Predator Grace Effect: Being shape-shifted character gains +X dexterity and +Y movement speed. Requirements: An ability to shape-shift (be a Druid obviously). Predator Senses Effect: Being shifted character gains its view range extended or anything else that will allow them to detect other creatures better (possibly show them on the minimap). Requirements: Predator Grace feat. Predator Might Effect: Damage bonus while shifted. Requirements: Predator Grace feat. Predator Instincts Effect: Being shape-shifted character gains to hit and critical chance bonuses. Requirements: Predator Grace and Predator Senses feats. Sabre-Toothed tiger Form Effect: Character gains ability to shape-shift into powerful and fearsome primal hunter. Requirements: Druid level X or higher, Predator Might feat. Barbarian: Powerful Frenzy Effect: Character gains strength and constitution bonuses while frenzied. Requirements: Frenzy. Lingering Frenzy Effect: Frenzy lasts longer (possibly allow taking this feat few times with cumulative effect?). Requirements: Frenzy. Fearsome Frenzy Effect: Shout a fearsome battlecry entering a frenzy mode that will make surrounding enemies shaken (combat penalties) and even possibly make them flee in terror if they fail the will defense. Requirements: Powerful Frenzy feat. Vigorous Frenzy Effect: Increased stamina and health regeneration while frenzied. Requirements: Powerful Frenzy feat. Indomitable Frenzy Effect: Huge will defense bonus while frenzied. Requirements: Powerful Frenzy. Fight to Death (Ragnarok) Effect: Huge damage and to hit bonus, immunity to control effects, cannot die until ability ends, but falls whacked out with 1 hit point left after that. Requirements: High level barbarian. Note: Barbarian rush into battle like it is the final battle between good and evil and there is no tomorrow. Natural Toughness Effect: Hit points bonus, let’s say 20% more each level up. Requirements: Barbarians, constitution score of X or higher. Scarred Skin Effect: Character gains some damage reduction. Requirements: Barbarian, constitution score of X or higher. Feel no Pain Effect: Bonus to fortitude defense. Requirements: Scarred Skin. Runic Skin Effect: Some magic resistance. Requirements: Natural Toughness, Scarred Skin, Feel no Pain, Barbarian level X or higher. Note: There are ancient, dangerous and painful shamanic rituals that allow covering creature skin with magical runic tattoo that will protect against evil magic. Possibly frenzy should increase this effect. Defend the Tribe Effect: Huge defensive bonuses while frenzied. Requirements: Natural Toughness, Scarred Skin, Feel no Pain, Runic Skin. This feat should only be available for barbarians that are invested greatly into the defensive feats line. P.S. Obsidian guys, in case you'll find useful some of these ideas - you can use it free of any charge and without any limitations.
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