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  1. I knew Handmaiden's name is Brianna, but what about Disciple? It completely eludes me.
  2. Actually that wasn't cut - it's very much in the game, providing you have enough influence with HK. I believe camicortes just added it to keep in the spirit of this thread and the rest of his post. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, just added it to push up some smiles! And by the way, HER post, not his... i'm a girl!
  3. When Atton, Kreia and your PC are discussing about the Handmaiden who wants to join you... Kreia: I've had enough of this. I'll be in my chambers. Atton: Yeah, me too. I'll be in my chambers.... but since I don't have any, I guess I'll just go to the cokpit as I always do :mad: Jajajaja.... I actually didn't get to see that scene, cause I played a female... but I incidentally came across the soundfiles in the game folder EDIT: I know, a "c" is missing from co-kpit. It would get replaced by annoying **** the moment I put it back... I feel soooooo censored
  4. Hey all :cool: I did too some investigation in the game folders... and I found some things up. I already posted this at StarWarsKnights forums, but I think it's useful to post it here too. Note: The links contain the audio files for that dialogue. You can listen to them with any media player. About the HK factory Listen to them Here [HK is torturing an HK-50 unit to make him confess the location of the HK Factory] 47: Command: You will talk. 50: Defiant Statement: There is nothing you can do to me. Do your worst. {Being electrocuted}Agonized Exclamation: Ah, my photoreceptors! My photoreceptors! 47: Statement: I shall up the charge to your circuits next time. Now answer the question. 50: {Just electrocuted, a little weak}Posturing Statement: I will never talk. 47: Statement: Then I will have to settle for your screams. Atton: {Watching HK torture the droid, shaking his head, disturbed}That is one sick droid. {The HK-50 unit screams in a most comical way} 47: Statement: My prisoner has revealed something of interest. Allow me to share it with you. Statement: The facility that is creating these cruder, unsophisticated versions of me is located on Telos. I propose we go there and turn it into a smoldering crater. There are some dialog lines too involving some training the HK units undertook in the facility, like victim torturing/interrogating techniques that are HILARIOUS (It includes a masoquist unit and a begging unit ). HK-47 managed to enter the factory and destroyed the HK-50s with help from the new HK-51s. These last units question -47 about their purpose in the universe, and he answers in a most enjoyable way... These lines also express some of HK-47 feelings towards its former party members... put them up just for fun :D Never thought Bastila could be sooo sexy :ph34r: hahaha About Remote and G0T0 OOk. Got it. Wanna know what was really intended to happen in that final scene in Malachor V with Remote and G0-T0 in it? Our beloved assassin droid was supposed to save the day! Yes, in the StreamVoice\901\sensorfi folder of your game, several audio files indicate that just when poor little Remote was going to be terminated by "the fat-one", HK-47 jumped in scene to stop him. G0-T0 had some aces up its sleeve, too, as a bunch of HK-51 droids were there to protect him from -47. Nevertheless, those droids couldn't harm their predecessor, and followed only HK-47 commands, so they shut down the "fat-one" instead. Why did the droids obey -47 and why didn't we get to see this scene? One simple answer: because it involved actions taken out at the HK factory, which Goto controlled, and which was completely cut out from the game. About some Atton lines Listen to them Here {X-Box Live}I'm Atton. I actually wasn't supposed to make it into the final game, but I was created at the last minute. Blame my agent. I was actually slated for a spin-off to Jedi Knight, but I don't want to talk about what happened there. {[X-Box Live] Looks up, sees an attractive woman in underwear, appreciative but slightly sarcastic. Wide-eyed innocent, like Anakin in Episode 1}Are you an angel? Aw, I'm just kidding. That's the worst line I've ever used. Hope some poor kid doesn't start using it. Those lines just CRACKED ME UP!! It was obviously some content intended for X-box live users. But that are you an angel line.... now, seriously :D I dunno if it happens when you beat the game in both LS/DS mode, like someone mentioned. To listen to the sound files in the folders, you can either use Miles Sound Studio OR rename all the *.wav to .mp3. Works both ways.
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