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  1. Found out that the main exe. icon is bugged for some reason when dragged to the desktop from the folder, so I had to send it to the desktop and get a shortcut that way which solved the problem.
  2. I am somewhat new to this game series after playing the first one ten years ago. A friend of mine bought the steam collection for me and through a little file rearranging I eventually got the first two games running (files were in wrong folder after installation). I went to play DS 3 after installing it (using desktop icon) and it was fine. I started it up today and it said some sort of PhysXloader.dll file is missing (I checked the files and its where the exe. icon is, so it is there). Well, I ran the game from the start menu and it runs fine. What gives and I could use some help. This game and its prequel DS 2 are very new to me.
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