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  1. stemmen til dronningen av natten

  2. Censorship BE GONE mod is the best mod. Thank you for it <3
  3. Truly disgusting. On the funny side of things I'm 100% sure their new audience will still prefer the BiowarEA abomination of games, if they even play the games in the first place.
  4. I am happy about the changes in companion stats the patch has brought. Shame about the Grieving Mother, but maybe she was just omitted and the next patch will bring a fix there as well.
  5. Spineless, cowardly decision. I wonder what next concession you will make, compromising the creative freedom. Remove all reference to violence? Remove blood? Revamp the dialogues so they do not hurt ANYONES precious feelings? What can change the nature of man? Few messages on tw@tter.
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