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  1. Hi Guys, Up until last night, I thought this was the best game of the year... bravo, amazing job... but then I came to the snuke disarm mission, and it's became beyond frustrating... When I say I've attempted to disarm it 50 times is an understatement. My wife threaten to take my xbox away if I didn't relax :-D Let me first say im in the EU, so answer like "Just do it like you did the abortion missions" don't help at all, because they are censored. I stick the stupid needle in without issues. I start spinning the L stick COUNTER clockwise, I've tried slow, ive tried fast, always as consistent as possible and it always ends the same. "Is that my oil?" and then BOOM, bomb. Appreciate any and all advice... From what I've seen on Facebook, alot of EU people are having a problem with this :-/
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