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  1. I say get rid of TSL from your hard drive and go buy "Guild Wars". A lot better game and patches happen automatically! (Take a hint Obsidian and LA)
  2. That should be true but I think the problem is that KOTOR and the .dll file at this time, for a lack of a better term, don't like each other. LA stated that they are trying to work out a solution that would not require someone to change the file extention. I am just happy that I can now play the game since I have just been looking at the Blue Screen of Death for the past 4 days.
  3. Well I finally found a solution. I went and looked around in the LA forums and finally found a topic that delt with my problem. They explained a temp fix with some file that is associated with DVD games. All I had to do was change the extendion from .dll to .bak. Of course if I want to play my DVD games I have to change it back but at least now I get to finally play KOTOR2.
  4. Thanks, the sound drivers are the next thing on my list to check when I get home today from work. As for trying a premade character, that is what I was doing. I'll try a custom character just to see what happens. I'll check for that lucasarts sticky as well.
  5. Ya, I changed the refresh but that didn't help. I'm in the process of checking my BIOS. Thanks for the help.
  6. After I created a new character, the loading screen starts to load the game and locks up after only loading about 20% of the game. Any solutions on how to get started? Here are my specs: swinfo.txt
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