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  1. Absolutely. The nervous breakdown comes when you think you're almost done, then realise you have stuff stored in the loft space.
  2. I'm in the middle of moving house! We move two weeks tomorrow. So, I am currently spending a lot of time lamenting the fact that I have so much stuff to pack...
  3. I always knew you two kids would get hitched. You're a lucky man Ace. WE DEMAND WEDDING PICS! And I would have won the Miss America but I screwed up the Q&A. Oh lol! That's hilarious! I'm almost embarrassed for her. Yeah well there is a wedding pic floating around somewhere, heck if I know where it got to now. I've seen it, i've seen it :DDDD They look gorgeous and happy No fair!
  4. Haha!! I am as amazed as you are. "Blueyonder" doesn't even exist anymore.
  5. Pray tell what does your wardrobe look like now ? Haha! The soft toys are no longer.
  6. Good grief. The bottom pic is the top of my wardrobe in 2003.
  7. Yeah, I wasn't particularly organised at the time or I would have sorted something out. Oh well!
  8. I'm pretty sure they were slippers all along.
  9. Geez the last time I talked to you was when you were still in China! So much changed when Missy closed down her boards. Weirdly, I can't actually remember what was going on around the time that the Lair closed. I've got a feeling that life was a little tricky for a while, and something had to give, I'm really sorry about that. Seeing so many familiar names now is awesome.
  10. Have to admit, I'm not a big fan of FB overall!
  11. Sounds about right. Veloxyll is around on FB. Has he had a haircut yet? :D Available evidence would suggest not.
  12. Sounds about right. Veloxyll is around on FB.
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