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  1. Did you skip the beginning?Clyde unfriends you cause he thinks you are to blame for him being banished from space and time. You get the DLC items after you get Butters as a buddy,after getting the mission to recruit the 3 best warriors
  2. I don't know how to attach things to this forum,but search on the steam forums something like :s masher for south park stick of truth. It will help out.That is how i pass by the 2nd probe.
  3. The most painfull cutscene,not only my game lags after the 2nd update,but when you get at the cutscene with the guy from goverment it's unbearable: YOU CAN'T SKIP and the audio lag made me alt+f4 like 10 times. Are there some fixes? The only thing i could do is to get a snack or ''make some magic in the bathroom'' while the annoying cutscene is played.
  4. Really? they haven't even realesed the German(for kids)version or even a patch/update for the games on all platforms to solve all the bugs.
  5. I already had them stored before i went to Clide's tower.So it didn't worked.You'd better sell all.
  6. I am at the exact location where the last of the cinpokomon is suposed to be Shoe-in Clyde's Tower,first time i got there it was a big shoe standing over the tower on the left,better said floating over.I reloaded the checkpoint,i made a save before the checkpoint,and the big shoe dissaperead,but everytime i reload the game by checkpoint save or the save before or after the checkpoint the shoe doesn't appear. It's the last one i have to get and as far as i understand there is no way to return to clyde tower so anyone can help me with an advice or a fix? I have got both updates and i am using the PC Steam Version.I don't use any programs or cheats/trainers with this game. The only thing i used was the AutoHotKey for the alien space probe. Hope i gave you all the information needed to give me a helpfull advice(oh and reloading before Nagasaki sell all the junk and continue from there is not an option). Thank You!
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