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  1. Hi! First of all, i like to mention that i initially preordered the game when i heard about it, like many else. As an Austrian, the censoring and removing of content hits me a little hard, since Austria never censored video games, i never even heard an austrian politician use the word "video game" or "game" in general. Many of my German friends order uncut/uncensored versions of Games from austrian shops/amazon for that reason. I am almost 27 years old, i own 16 seasons of South Park on DVD and dont feel that a South Park game of all, should be censored, (i get into the swastika dilemma in a second). What is the harm about anal probing in a game? Since i see boobies on a daily basis on national german/austrian TV, without censoring, during the day, i cant imagine that a drawn space dîldo would cause much of a problem. Especially in a Mature rated game, *for adults*, or did you try and go for a PG13 rating? Which i highly doubt with South Park. I understand the swastikas in Germany, because they are a bit weird when it comes to that, but its not like you immediately change your political view after playing a game with dead nazi cows using hitlers speeches, or go out to anal probe random strangers on the street after playing the game. I never understood that in general, its perfectly fine to run documentarys about WW2, Hitler, the SS on national TV (with swastikas shown ofc), but if a nazi zombie appears in a game, they have to censor it. But with the decision to throw whole europe into one pot, i had no other choice but to refund my preorder on steam (http://i.imgur.com/hbtkJHi.png ), in hopes that maybe one day, austrians will get their uncut versions. till then, i have to watch someone on Youtube play it for me. -Ponzo
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