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  1. Obsidian fellas, will you ever try to fix this problem? I don't play this game for almost a month because I can't even play it. Please try to find a solution without involving us to replay the game, that wouldn't be cool since I haven't even finish the main game because of this bug.
  2. As I read, the are only 3 days and the end is the final boss fight, so no more days.
  3. I don't know if you guys even read the Steam Community page, but here's a thread about the bug I'm having. http://steamcommunity.com/app/213670/discussions/0/558749824834473505/ This happened after I visited the Woodland Critters. I could try to not go there, but ALL of my saves are in my house, since I tried to solve it with other languages (like the Monk set that crashes the game if the language chosen is PT-BR). Please Obsidian, so something about this, I can't even get out of my room and my mom is like a retarded non-speaking character.
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