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  1. Is the censorship of the upcoming german pc release the same as it was before the delay or did it change? In other words, is the pc version still less censored (and contains the probing scenes etc) compared to the console versions? Or are both console and pc versions equal now? I still hope to get the full South Park experience by just replacing some files. Or is that prohibited?
  2. Well, no message from here either. Neither from Steam, nor Ubi Soft. I'm done. I'm cancelling my preorder.
  3. Ben there, Dan that. They don't give me my money back.
  4. I pre-ordered South Park on Steam. However, as probably everyone knows the game has been delayed / cancelled for Germany and Austria. Why Austria is involved is beyond my understanding. Usually the Germans buy the games from Austria because of their censorship. There hasn't been any announcement about a release yet and the time runs out where I can cancel my credit card payment. Ubi doesn't even have a forum, nor do they release any information. So in short: I / We bought a game we didn't receive. Not even in its censored form. The date has been changed from 6th March 2014 to March 2014 to 2014. I'm getting suspicious that I / we won't be able to play the game at all and that my / our money is lost. So it would be really very nice if you could shed some light about when the game will be released here, if at all. Otherwise I'll cancel my credit card payment and buy a different game. It's not about censorship anymore, it's about even receiving what I paid for while the rest of the world already plays the game. Thank you very much.
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