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  1. That solved it for me, changing the sound settings that is. yesterday i moved my ps to another room and a tv i havent been gaming on before. But the the funny thing is that i actually had souund in another game i tried before posting about not having sounds in south park(that was dragons crown it that would somehow matter). Anyways after my last post i went to play some nhl and to my supprise i had no sound! I always had sounds in nhl at my usual tv so that kinda told me the problem was at my end. Anyways, glad it was a easy fix at my side and thanks for the quick replys buy you!
  2. Digital or from disc? Are you running sound through HDMI? Do you ahve a surround sound system or receiver you are passing through? Any information on your setup would be greatly appreciated. If you're not running a special setup, try deleting your game data and reinstalling the game. I know you were not quoting me but i'll tell you my info anyways. Its the digital version(from the US psn shop). I use HDMI and no extra sound system. I will try to delete and redownload the game tomorrow and report back.
  3. Bumping this on as i have the same problem, no sound what so ever.
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