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  1. I just now managed to get it after about 100 tries. Someone in another thread suggested sliding your finger back and forth across the A button instead of mashing it up and down. It worked for me on the fourth try. Yay!
  2. Thanks for telling me three things I didn't know. /s
  3. I'm on one of the newer Star Wars limited edition XBoxes, so I don't think so. I think it is something that just wasn't thoroughly tested. I hope the devs are reading these threads.
  4. I am also on a physical copy on the xbox and can not get past the second one. At this point I can not play the game at all. My fingers are literally bruised up from bashing the crap out of the "A" button on my controller - I'm worried I'm going to break it. Does anyone have any advice, words of comfort, or some definitive news on when or if they are going to patch this so that it isn't so hard? Thanks.
  5. The difficulty of that scene is going to be lowered in the next patch AFAIK. I'm playing on the 360 but can't get past that scence either. I've bruised my fingers pounding the crap out of that button trying to get past it. Is there some trick to this, or am I stuck until the patch comes out? Also, does anyone know for a fact when the patch is coming, and if it is going to address this?
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