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  1. I purchased it from BestBuy on day 1. My Xbox is a fairly early generation system, even before they had the option for HDMI. I can get fairly good HD video and audio through the component/digital audio adapter so I never complained. Not to mention the fact that I haven't had a very large TV since college. Concerning the issue, I recently received these responses from Ubisoft. Replies I was surprised didn't come from you (the developers): This is a known issue that will be addressed in a future patch for the game. However, a workaround has been found below: Reload a previous autosave and change your Buddy. Even if you change it right back to the same one you had, resetting the Buddy should address this issue. Seeing as I haven't even gotten to the point where I can switch 'buddies', I really have no idea what he's talking about yet. I then received this: Hi BradStansell, Please delete the game title update data from your hard-drive. 1) On the Xbox 360 Dashboard, go to Settings>System>Storage>Hard-Drive>Games and Apps>[Game]. 2) Select the Game Title Update and DLCs and Delete. 3) If you installed the game to your hard-drive, Delete Disc 1 (and Disc 2 if applicable) install from your hard-drive. 4) Go back to the Home tab on 360 Dashboard and press the X button on the square that says "Play [Game]" to bring up the Game Details. 5) Choose the Install option to install the game's disc data to your hard-drive. 6) Re-download and install any DLC you had previously installed. 7) Launch the game and it should prompt you to download and install the game title update again. I'm still at work but I'll give these solutions a shot when I get home. Then from one of your (Obsidian's) guys via e-mail I got: I am sorry you are having such a bad experience with the game so far. Could you let me know which version of the Xbox360 you have? What hard drive size are you using? It sounds like somehow you may have some bad data. If you can, try deleting any game data for the game that you can (including current saves), and try doing a fresh install to the hard drive after all of the data has been cleared out. Also, have you tried the disc on someone else's Xbox360? If that is an option, it may help narrow down if for some reason you have a defective disc or not. This is not an issue I have had a report from yet, so I would like to help you troubleshoot getting back into the game if possible. I don't know anyone else with an Xbox 360 or Xbox One within range. Most of my friends and family with Xbox 360s live 2 hours away across the state. Maybe BestBuy will let me play with one of their demo units and I can rule my hardware out. But I doubt it's an issue with my system since all of my other games work without a hitch. I'll try their solutions when I get home and post the result to this thread but it really sounds like the left arm (developers) doesn't know what the right arm (publishers) is doing. I'm still well within my return period (15 days). But reading what the other posters on this forum are saying about the PC version... it's looking less and less tantalizing either, (small screen, bugs) and that pre-order of TitanFall is looking more and more worth my money.
  2. I desperately want to love this game... but I can't play it. I start playing on my Xbox 360 and I can progress a bit, then when it loads a new area it will freeze. No error, just frozen. Most of the times with a black screen. I have to perform a hard reset to do anything with my console. I can count at least 10 times it has done this so far and I'm only up to the initial training battle with Clyde. This is immensely frustrating. I would blame my relatively old hardware except that all of my other xbox games worth without a hitch. AC4, Bioshock Infinite, even Fallout 3, DDR, and RockBand still work; so I'm assuming it has something to do with the software. I've tried installing the game onto the hard drive, disconnecting the network, wiping EVERYTHING on my console, nothing seems to affect it. I don't know if I just have a defective disc or what but as Cartman would say (if he could) "This is ****ing weak!" I see most of these topics are about the PC version but is anyone having these issues with their console edition? At this point I'm ready to Exchange my SP purchase for a pre-order of TitanFall. Please help.
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