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  1. Thank you for the clarification. It is almost a relief to know it was just me being an idiot and not anything worse! Excuse me while I go and sit in the corner with my dunce hat on. Great game by the way. Good work!
  2. Hi there I've been playing the EU version of the game on PS3 with those ever so lovely censored screens (thanks for that), however one of these censored moments is the Randy anal probe mini-game, which you have to play 3 times to get the forcefield and bridge to unlock so you can reach the second control panel. Unfortunately, after viewing the censor screen (and sighing in dismay), while the forcefield disappears, the bridge does not appear. This means I am unable to reach the second control panel. I have tried reloading an earlier checkpoint to no avail. This is a game-breaking bug, unless I am missing something obvious (I don't think so though). I realise, as the game isn't officially released until tomorrow, there isn't much that can be done, but this is really just to make Obsidian aware of this bug now so they can try and get it patched up asap.
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