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  1. I fixed it! Here's what I done, I went to my HDD and deleted everything related to south park saves, settings everything! After doing this I restarted the game made a new save and everything worked fine! Even if I skip cut scenes. Am not sure why the saves did this? I hope it gets looked into and fixed J And yes don’t worry I backed up my brothers saves lol.
  2. I did everything you asked and yet it did nothing. Are you sure skipping cut scenes should have no effect on your character appearance? I feel for some reason it does. Am going to test it and report back.
  3. Restarted and nothing still the same. Made a new character after the tutorial I got some hair and changed it and it did not work . Now here is the crazy part I have another save for another account (my brother) when he plays he can change his stuff no problem everything works for him. Can it be beasuse I skip the cut scenes?
  4. Hi Bazgrim, Yes they have the little tick next to them and they do work beasuse I just got the achievement "Day Walker" They just don't show up on my person. I have tried all the hair styles I have and nothing.
  5. System: Xbox 360 When I change my Hair, Eyewear, Makeup and Facial Hair nothing happens, my person just stays the same nothing changes. Edit: Am skipping cut screens could that be why? Edit edit: If needed too I can record a video showing what is wrong.
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