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  1. I am actually having two seperate issues: 1. Since the release, I have logged 14 hours on the game. When I tried to open it to continue playing today, the game save was gone. I am certain that I did not delete or move the steam save game files. 2. I restarted the game as the Jew class, however I immediately noticed that the Jew special ability: the sling of David, is unusable. I follow the on screen instructions: Press A+D, then left click (I dont know when?) but it hits my character in the face every time. If there is supposed to be a "sparkle" appearing to tell me when to left click, that is not happening. Problem #1 was really a let down, I am not sure why my save got deleted.. but at least I get to check out a different class now. Except that classes initial ability doesnt work. Specs: AMD A10-5800K Radeon HD 7800
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