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  1. So I reinstalling it, after the third time, its working. Problem now is, during a fight, there is no music....i think next time i am waiting before buying it....dissappointing
  2. ah i forget to say, i cant play it without an controller...when i would like to change it, i cant move my character or something, its very frustrating
  3. yeah thats exactly my problem....@j.burke play it with an driver for ps3 controller (windows 8.1)
  4. the problem is, after he said that, the two black dressed guys shot me, every time. I cant play the game and thats the fact whichs frustrating me....
  5. Hey, first of all I love youre game. Its really amazing. But I got a problem. I play the pc version with a ps3 controller. The problem is, that wenn i have to turn the left stick, for example for an attack, nothing happens. I am now at the hospital and have to give randy the abortion, but every time when i turn the stick, blood comes out of his ass and i got shoot. I CANT PLAY to the end....its depressing, please help
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